RF Engineering Tools

Power and Noise Figure Tools for Receiver Block Chain

RF Channel Loss and Receiver Noise Figure Dashboard

This interactive tool is at https://marceljmerchatshinypubs.shinyapps.io/radioRange/ . The program code for this dashboard is at this Github repository.

Channel Power Loss and Noise Figure Tool with Slideshow Report

A tool that produces a slideshow report is available at https://marcelmerchat.github.io/rf_link_budget1/ . The program code for this is at this this Github repository.

Detailed Noise Figure Tool for Receiver Block Chain

This tool produces a slideshow report. There is an example at https://marcelmerchat.github.io/rf_block_chain1 . The program code for this is at this Github repository.

RF Impedance Transformer

The tool for matching components in an RF chain such as a power amplifier and an antenna is available at https://marcelmerchat.github.io/impedanceTransformer1/ . The program code for this is at this Github repository.

Data Science and Engineering Tools

Reproducibile Design

The principal of data science is reproducibility. Applying this to engineering design or analysis requires that a single computer script program implements everything from initial design calculations to analyzing data and generating graphs and visualizations in an automated report. For an electrical design, calculations can include building a model such as a circuit netlist or IC layout. In the example above, the script sends the design parameters as a text netlist file to a Spice circuit program that simulates circuit perfomance. Once the perfomance data is generated, the data is imported by the script. Next it calls Python and R toolsets of data science in order to organize frequency response and Fourier analysis, power dissipation levels, and reliability data in database tables and data frames for further analysis.

My communication work includes radio architecture, antennas, microwaves, noise figure and gain for receiver block chains, low noise amplifiers, digital signal processing and filter design, analog-to-digital converters, and error correction coding. In my most recent position, I performed radiated cell phone tests and wrote an R language program that parsed memory test data and generated a report with tables of statistical hypothesis tests and graphs. In another case, the report was an interactive webpage where users could zoom-in on data.

I write LabVIEW programs for automated electronic or mechanical testing.